Everything is designed but few things are done well. In order to help our clients well design their business appliances and stand out in the business market, we make a creative and innovative design that sell..


The Netwerk create a strong, effective, and memorable image of the brand. We can help you to build a brand image through a logo and tagline that fits the customer and market’s target.

Web Design

Today people connect through the internet. They make a business through the internet too. The Netwerk makes a great website for your business. We have a system called CMS. CMS is a system which can facilitate you to manage and update your website, directly from your PC (no need to contact us). The CMS system is certainly very useful and efficient for you, especially if you have or want to open an online store. For website design features, we divide it into 2 major categories, basic html web (static) and web with flash (interactive).

Mobile Apps

Nowadays, people need an instant access to everything through their mobile phone. And for business people, it’s a benefit to offer their product with mobile app, directly into the customer pocket.

Animation & Motion

Your website is a direct reflection of your company and how the world sees you. A creative and attractive animation and motion surely will increase your customer attention to your product.


We can create e-banner that creative and highlighting your product in the same time. We already create hundreds kinds and sizes of e-banners, either it flash (.swf, .gif) or static (.jpg).

Iconography & Stickers

Iconography is the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of images. We can make a great description an interpretation about your product to increase your customer satisfaction to E commerce system. Do you wish to provide many cute stickers to appreciate your loyal customers? We can make it for you.

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